2 Managing Directors Leave, 1 Managing Director Joins LFS

The spin-off of the AccessHolding business divisions is associated with changes in the management structure of LFS.

Effective 1st January 2018, Dr. Bernd Zattler and Thomas Engelhardt have resigned from their offices as Managing Directors of LFS as they have assumed new executive functions at AccessHolding. Both Dr. Zattler and Mr. Engelhardt remain as Partners of the company.

Also effective 1st January 2018, the Partners have appointed Patrick Schoeneborn as new Managing Director. Patrick had joined LFS in 2004 and has served in numerous managerial capacities for the firm. He is joining the Management Board in which Dan Balke  will continue to serve as Managing Director & Partner.

Dan Balke commented the following on the occasion: “The re-composition of the Management Board structure in the context of the spin-off is a key watershed event for LFS. We express our deepest gratitude to Bernd Zattler and Thomas Engelhardt for their ground-breaking and tireless work. Their pioneering efforts have been decisive to help bringing the company to this level. The new set-up with Patrick as Co-MD and a strong managerial team is exceptionally well positioned to lead LFS’s growth into the next era.”