LFS Announces Change of Name and Corporate Re-Branding

In the context of the spin-off of its AccessHolding-related business lines (see news below), LFS has decided to conduct a corporate re-branding. Effective 9th February 2018, LFS Financial Systems GmbH has changed its name into LFS Advisory GmbH.

In conjunction with this name change, LFS has also adopted a new corporate logo (see left) and corporate identity that is used throughout our website and other materials.

All corporate email addresses and our website location have also been switched from the previous lfs-consulting.de to lfs-advisory.com. Emails to the old email addresses are re-routed automatically to the new addresses. The change of name does not imply any legal succession or change of legal status of the company.

Patrick Schoeneborn, LFS’s Managing Director, commented: “We are proud to combine LFS’s move into the next era with a strong new branding. Our new logo emphasizes our commitment to drive change and innovation for our clients. The well-established name of LFS will continue to stand for hard-working dedication and competent project management for the wider objective of financial inclusion and economic progress in emerging markets.”