Agrifinance Webinar sponsored by the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility

Agrifinance in Sub-Saharan Africa has a long history and has made considerable progress over the last years. The use of data, as well as remarkable achievements in digitizing payments, processes, and credit decisions have improved outreach and efficiency of agrifinance in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, developments in agrifinance have taken place at slower pace, and we believe that financial institutions in the MENA region can benefit from the lessons learnt in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nevertheless, we think that knowledge should be shared in both ways and there are fields within agrifinance where SSA FIs can learn from MENA FIs as well.  

The webinar will include the following topics: 

  • Overview of agrifinance in MENA and SSA (best practice, challenges, success stories, trends) 

  • Showcasing new innovative models/approaches implemented in agrifinance (from SSA) 

  • Discussing what approaches/models financial institutions could adopt/implement in their region to further promote agri lending and support agri clients 

The webinar will not only consist of speaker presentations but also serve as platform for dialogue and experience exchange between financial institution (agrifinance) practitioners to discuss new ideas, lessons learned from past approaches and reflect on possible ways to expand agriculture lending in the regions. 

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