WEBINAR COVID 19 Outbreak and Containment - Risk Management and Business Continuity for Financial Institutions

LFS have began conducting webinars on the Corona related crisis / risk management and business continuity for financial institutions coping with the global COVID-19 outbreak. A webinar contains:

  • An overview introduction to crisis management, business continuity and communication, with examples from other institutions previous similar outbreaks or crisis (civil war, Ebola outbreak, cholera etc.).
  • A “Question and Answer” session, both audio-based and chat based.
  • An opportunity to exchange further information and experience and to collaborate.
  • We will also provide sample documents of Business Continuity Plans, Communication Plans, etc.

Our 2 hour webinar can be conducted in English, Spanish or Russian by LFS Regional Managers for Latin America, MENA, Africa and Asia and supported by our Risk Management Experts.

Participation is free of charge. In order to receive an invitation and grant participants access, please share the contact details with our technical team (Raphaelle.smyth@lfs-advisory.com) and state which of the above listed languages are preferable.

Dan Balke Managing Director and Partner