Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Greenfield SME Bank in Southeast Asia

LFS was invited to conduct a feasibility study for a SME bank in a small country in Southeast Asia. The following services were provided:

  • Analysis of the country’s macroeconomic and political situation, and conclusions regarding possible implications for a SME Bank
  • Assessment of the legal and regulatory framework for a microfinance institution or an SME Bank, including a recommendation for the type of institution to be created under such conditions
  • Initial discussions with regulators and other relevant industry stakeholders on the creation of a specialized microfinance institution or SME Bank
  • Assessment of the size and structure of competition, description of main players and competitors in the SME finance industry
  • Market study of the SME sector and its demand for and supply of financial services, including a survey
  • Identification of potential investment partners for a specialized SME Bank
  • Establishment of a five-year business plan for a specialized SME Bank