Consulting Services for the Promotion of the MSME related finance Sector in Yemen

The objective of the 4 year Project financed by the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) Development Bank is the promotion of the MSME related finance sector in Yemen and the support of the Yemenite Small & Micro Enterprise Development (SMED) Unit under the Social Fund for Development in this regard. 

Areas of intervention for LFS comprise (a) the Assessment of the MSME related Finance sector in Yemen and the identification of potentials for a MSME Greenfield Bank, (b) Capacity Building of the SMED Unit, and (c) the Upgrading and Transformation of a specific MFI.  

While LFS has extensive operational experience with development finance in challenging urban, rural, and post-conflict environments, the continuing security risks in Yemen together with the travel warning from the German Federal Foreign Office remain the biggest challenge. LFS manages these challenges with tight monitoring of the security situation and adjustments of the program and its activities to avoid potential risks.