Middle Management Assessment at ABL – Structured Interviews and 360° Degree Surveys in Evaluating Managers’ Capacities

2015-04-30 - 2015-04-30

The assignment’s objective was to assess the leadership and technical competencies of the middle managers of AccessBank Liberia. This assessment aimed to gain an overview of the level of skills existent in staff (comparing across all middle managers of the bank) as well as comparing these assessed skills to the expectations raised by senior managers. The reasons for the assessment were the difficulties that ABL is facing with regards to the HR. This is on the one hand determined by an overall lack of management education opportunities in Liberia and, on the other hand, by the recent Ebola outbreak. The latter has left the bank in a situation where it was only benefiting from remote senior management and Head Office functions support, thus undermining opportunities for face-to-face coaching and training.
Preparation and conduct of structured interviews with all middle and senior managers Design of questionnaires and data collection for 360° feedbacks for all middle managers Review of the supporting structures such as the HR and training department including an evaluation of existing procedures and workflows Evaluation of findings based on a scaling system to facilitate an objective comparison between the two assessment methods The following six competency categories, each with 4 sub-categories, were assessed through the structured interviews: Commitment and compliance Business skills and focus Result orientation Self-development skills Management skills Team leadership skills Training and development Communication skills.