Bank of Asia – Strengthening of Institutional capacity for MSME Lending

2016-01-31 - 2017-07-31
Kyrgyz Republic

The objective of the assignment is to do a comprehensive Gap analysis of the MSME lending practices in Bank of Asia in order to assess the current deficiencies in its policies, procedures, risk management and lending practices. As a result, an activity plan is drawn up and measures implemented to enable the bank to improve its MSME lending practice, improve staff knowledge and capacity in lending and implement sound risk management practices. A review of the MSME product line and the development of an improved product package for MSMEs is to be done by the consultants. As part of the assignment, the corporate governance of the bank, the audit function and training function are to be reviewed and improvements in the institutional capacity in the above areas to be implemented. The audit function is to be strengthened. Recommendations on policies, procedures, workflows and tools for improved MSME finance are envisaged. Training needs assessment and recommendations to improved HR/training structures are to be given. Training of staff in MSME related issues is to be provided.
Gap analysis at Bank of Asia and diagnostics of the current operations at 3 branches and the head office Improvement of policies and procedures in MSME Lending and Risk management Development of a dedicated MSME product line Training needs Assessment and Training of Staff in MSME Finance Recommendations on Staff development, Corporate Governance, Risk Management Review of the Audit function, recommendations for improvement and staff training during a full credit audit