Micro, Small and Medium –sized Enterprise Development

2016-04-30 - 2016-05-31

Assignment was aimed at selection of participating commercial banks under the ADB's proposed KAZ: MSME Project and presentation of Consultant´s findings to ADB and the government team.
Focusing on 5 preselected commercial banks that could participate in ADB's project, the consultant collected data and met with representatives of each bank to understand their MSME business, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and suggest areas where technical assistance would bring higher value addition to achieving the objectives of the project (lending to smaller borrowers, outside of the main cities, women owned businesses). Identified the institutional structure of each bank related to MSME finance, including: (i) organizational structure, (ii) strategy and with respect to MSME finance; (iii) products offered; (iv) credit technology and processes used or under development; (v) credit risk and NPL management and (vi) staff capacities. Assisted in confirmation of historical (3 years) MSME portfolio data collected for the project. Identified 2-3 key areas of possible TA support, including rationale/gap