Development of a Housing Loan Product for Home Improvement Intervention in Kazakhstan – Arnur Credit

2020-04-30 - 2021-02-28

The purpose of this assessment was: a) to develop a dedicated housing loan product and advice on light housing support services b) to train staff in topics on housing finance c) to provide recommendations on promotional activities and ideas for promotional materials d) Monitor and evaluate the results of the pilot testing and give recommendations LFS developed the above, trained staff and AC implemented the pilot project successfully. At the end, adjustments to the product were made and the roll-out institution-wide initiated.
The consultant scope of work included the following: Housing Loan Product prototype design and light-touch housing support services development - based on the assessment report and MFI experience, the consultant designed a product prototype that meets different housing purposes of MFI’s clients. Also, the consultant adapted educational/promotional brochures to the local context. The TCIS shared with the consultant materials and templates for the assignment and provided other support. Training of MFI selected staff – Main training objective is to develop basic skills and knowledge of MFI's staff for provision of housing support services to the MFI’s clients. The consultant delivered one-day trainings to 20 - 30 selected MFI’s staff on 2 different locations across the MFI’s operations area. The TCIS ensured that the training materials and consultant assisted the TCIS to adapt the materials to the local context. Provision of recommendations related to promotional activities: The consultant provided recommendations related to promotion of the new product and non-financial services. This included a Pilot-test planning and Assistance to the MFI team for developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Monitoring & Evaluation of the pilot-test: The consultant recommended the KPIs, reporting templates and frequency. The MFI monitored the testing phase and developed recommendations for improvements.