Conducting Portfolio Analysis and Housing Product Assessment for the TCIS Partner in Kazakhstan – Arnur Credit

2019-09-30 - 2020-03-31

The purpose of this assessment was: a) to analyze current microfinance portfolio b) to compare housing loan product characteristics versus clients’ needs and demands, c) to collect information about other housing products available in the market, and d) to provide recommendations for improvement of the existing loan product and for development of new product for energy efficient home improvement interventions. LFS compiled a report on the results of the tasks depicted below which prepared the second phase of the project for Arnur Credit
Portfolio analysis Objective 1: To understand clients’ profiles and segments in terms of geography, age, sex, No of family members, income sources, amount of income, etc. Objective 2: To identify main uses of the loans for housing purposes. Product and demand assessment Objective 3. To understand low-income households’ housing investments and dominant funding strategies of housing investments: To identify main purposes and the outcomes of those investments; Segmentation and profiling of the population using the housing loan product; Identification of the main use of the housing product and collection of evidence about the outcomes of home repairs; Review of the existing housing loan product features, policies, procedures, and processes; Identification of clients’ housing needs, demands and preferences regarding financing and support services; Evaluate and analyze the results of the housing loan portfolio. Supply assessment Objective 4. Collect information about other housing finance products available in the market.