Workshop for HR Managers from Moldova

2013-02-28 - 2013-02-28

In order to secure and strengthen a sustainable competitiveness of Moldovan enterprises the GIZ and HBS have developed a 10 days study program for 18 HR Manager from Moldova coming from different sectors (e.g. communication/IT, real estate, bank, chamber of commerce & industry). Aim was to offer various insights into German companies, their approaches in HR Management and local labor market(s). The workshop provided by LFS addressed: (I) the development of HR departments based on experiences from the AccessBank network, (II) challenges and solutions during internal and external recruitment processes, (III) most critical demotivating factors for employees and overall staff retention strategies, (IV) staff performance appraisals and (V) HR Statistics in order to enforce evidence-based decision making, illustrate the ROI of HR and track productivity. The workshop was shaped by interactive discussions, flexible excursions in additional topics relevant for the workshop participants (e.g., creation of career paths), exchange of know-how and provision of relevant documents.
Preparation of workshop Implementation of workshop with presentation, including the following agenda: Introduction of LFS and AccessBanks Structure & development of HR departments Recruitment Staff motivation & retention HR statistics Staff performance appraisals