Feasibility Study, Business Planning and Technical Assistance for the Establishment of a New Microfinance Institution in Fiji

2012-04-30 - 2012-06-30

In April 2012 LFS was commissioned by IFC to carry a feasibility study for the establishment of a new microfinance institution and – in case of positive outcome – continue with a consulting project for business planning and technical assistance.
Description of Actual Services Provided within the Assignment: Desk Research; Selection and training of local surveyors, pilot testing and adjusting the questionnaire and surveyor team; Conducting survey with at least 300 Fijian households under the supervision of LFS Digitalization and statistical evaluation of quantitative results; Organisation, realization and evaluation of focus group discussions Visits to other financial services suppliers and collection of missing data; In-depth evaluation of legal and regulatory framework; Interviews with central bank and other business associates, evaluation of potential roles of other stakeholders; Presentation of Results Drafting final market and feasibility report based on the findings from the field