Scoping Study for Agriculture Lending, Afghanistan

2019-12-31 - 2020-01-31

LFS was tasked to review the agricultural landscape (supply, demand, players) in Afghanistan in order to prepare a scoping report on the most recent developments. Agriculture Value Chains and their current situation regarding access to finance was of particular interest to the consultants. After a thorough desk research, the consultant spent 10 days in Afghanistan interviewing financial institutions, agriculture programmes, agriculture associations in order to compile a picture of the current situation and the respective needs of players in the value chains. LFS consultants summarized their findings in a scoping report and a presentation. At the end of the project, the results and opportunities in agriculture finance in selected value chains were presented to financial institutions in Afghanistan during a webinar.
Agriculture Scoping Study and Recommendations for increasing finance to agri-businesses Analysis of the agriculture sector of Afghanistan including value chains currently underfinanced Review of the most recent studies on Agriculture Development in Afghanistan Review of financial institutions with a focus on agriculture finance, products, and their market penetration Report on the outcome of the research including recommendations for financial institutions and ACGF Presentation to financial institutions and possible donors to raise appetite for agriculture finance and expansion of such to uncovered areas