Technical Assistance for the Development of Vodafone Fiji’s Digital

2019-02-28 - 2019-07-31

LFS is supporting Vodafone Fiji to define its Digital Payment Strategy and to reinforce Vodafone’s position as the leading operator of m-commerce in the region and develop further its digital financial services offer.
Description of Actual Services Provided within the Assignment: Review of industry literature, market survey and study of the regulatory environment Diagnostic visit with interview of Vodafone executives, review of existing internal documents and readiness assessment of all departments Participatory digital strategy workshop Identification of partnerships to offer new services or to develop the current offering (G2P, P2G, C2B, B2B) and potential cooperation with financial institutions to offer services aimed at financial inclusion (nano-credits, savings, wallets to bank and bank to wallet) SWOT analysis of Vodafone’s current offer and market position, near term action plan to enhance readiness and medium-term roadmap including pilot projects and new services roll-outs. Extension of methodology to the region, including high-level medium-term roadmap for each country Main outcomes for the client: Comprehensive Digital Payments Strategy