Building Capacity Of SACCOs Apex Bodies , Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania

2020-01-31 - 2020-05-31
Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania

A consultancy for assessing ways that enhance enrollment of the unbanked rural communities to the services and products of ILCUF (Ethiopia), SCCULT (Tanzania) and MUSCCO (Malawi) and is proposed as a means towards an effective rural outreach, specifically towards expanding the participation of rural agricultural communities in DFS.
Phase 1 – Market Assessment – Desk and field rapid market assessment of DFS in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Malawi: - Demand side research using Focus Groups Discussions, questionnaires, DFS readiness scorecards and case studies Phase 2 – Offsite Support and Resource Development Phase 3 - Implementation Support SACCOs become agents and, design new processes for the SACCO who will use mobile money for payments support Feedback workshop / training to present results and what next steps should be. Final Country Report / presentation.