Comprehensive Capacity Building SANDAH for Microfinance S.A.E., Egypt

2016-05-31 - 2018-11-30

The assignment comprises management support and backstopping for a project covering four central components (below) which are separated into sub-components that will be launched at different points in time during the Company’s first 30 months of operations. Two experienced microfinance experts will act as long-term advisors and coaches to the CEO and COO of SANDAH and an experienced project manager will provide backstopping services. Management Support during Launch and Expansion of the Company Advisory to CEO and COO (to be recruited by the Company) by two senior MSME long-term experts, Backstopping HR Development and Capacity Building Oversee staff training and conduct exposure visits Support in the development and implementation of HR strategy and HR function Risk Management and Internal Controls Oversee the setup of a risk management framework, Support in the establishment of internal audit and controls Products and Operations Assist in the development and refinement of micro and VSE loan products Support management during branch expansion and in marketing Assist in the development and implementation of operational policies
Initially during the ongoing Pre-operational phase, the consultant will support the setup of the Company with on-the-job coaching and staff training, followed by providing support in the development of key operational policies and procedures, loan products and a launch concept. Assist the Company’s management in the initial recruitment of key credit staff (Branch Manager, Credit Trainer); Facilitate a 3-5 days exposure visit for up to five Board members of the Company to a suitable AccessBank location; Facilitate a longer exposure visit for up to five key staff of the Company to a suitable AccessBank location in order to familiarize with international best practice in VSE lending; Support the Company management in all matters relating to the Green fielding process, including but not limited to staffing and infrastructure requirements, branch locations, and the official launch; Support the development of training material on best practice MVSE lending in Arabic language for different staff levels; Support the development of training of trainers' material for future in-house training by key credit staff; Assist the Company management in the recruitment and training of first-generation staff, in particular department heads and loan officers; Develop credit, HR and administrative procedures; Fine-tune the micro loan product; Assist the Company in overseeing implementation of Core Banking System (“CBS”), which will be selected by the Company’s Board of Directors; Assist the Company in the contraction of key service providers (internet, phone, security, etc.); Monitor and, if necessary, help adjust financial projections of the business plan. Project phases to follow: Operational phase I: Launch Operational phase II: Expansion