Advisory Services for Pandai Corp. LTD for Strengthening of Credit Business and Credit Risk Management in Agriculture and MSE Finance ma

2016-05-31 - 2017-01-31

LFS has been hired by Pandai to develop its credit risk management and agent model for agriculture finance and MSE finance. Pandai has been active in microfinance for four years and has started agriculture finance around one year ago. LFS will strengthen Pandais institutional capacity by training specialized agri-loan officers, improving the methods of financial analysis and risk assessment. The consultants will further review the agent model and develop improved mechanisms for its functioning. The consultants will establish a pilot project in one city in order to facilitate the selection and training of staff. After the pilot phase, the operations will be expanded to the other cities Pandai is operating in.
Implementation of an institutional diagnostic of the P2P; Review of four cities and the respective channel partners (agents), the business set-up, existing clients and competition Establishing a pilot project in one of the cities including a training centre for loan officers Preparation of a Model for the Management of Credit Risks in Agriculture Finance, Selection of experienced and new staff Training of the staff in Agriculture lending technology. Development of agriculture finance risk experts for supervisory roles Review and development of the channel partners institutional set-up and incentive systems, Improvement of the channel partners business set-up, of institutional capacities and incentive systems Expansion of the pilot project into other cities