Digital Rural Savings and Credit Initiative – Market Study

2021-01-01 - 2021-01-05

To conduct eTumba (wallet) rural market assessment to so to develop a strategy and roadmap as part of their rural credit and savings initiative. Specifically work included, analysis of rural customer needs including savings groups, farmers and women and definition of digital products on AB Bank’s eTumba wallet which meet rural customer’s need and business opportunities using a human centered approach. This entailed designing research tools (questionnaire and FGD guide) and manage subcontractor research company to collect and analyse primary data.
1. Deliverable 1 - Rural Customer Needs Analysis 2. Deliverable 2 – Gap analysis for eTumba rural expansion • Analyse existing eTumba operations and highlight areas for capacity building (agents - own? Cooperatives, recruiting partner agents, merchants - partnerships, marketing.) • Review engagement strategy, escalation process and overall project management protocols, together with KPIs and reporting with: i. Marketing agency ii. Agency partners (Kazang, Zoona, 543) - branding / co-branding, agent location mapping, training, distribution of marketing materials etc. 3. Deliverable 3 – Rural strategy and implementation plan • 3 second round focus groups (to focus on marketing and communication for rural expansion) – tweaking from urban to rural (content – visual and audio, sms etc. products, products names (savings goal, saving pockets, taglines, ambassadors ) • Develop Go To (rural) market strategy (aligned with AB Bank rural strategy) this to include: i. Developing a hub and spoke rollout model with a pilot area 1. Workstream 1 - Engaging with agents, creating awareness, using eTumba bus 2. Workstream 2 – bulk payments with agribusinesses, advise on change management TA support (from donors) 3. Workstream 3 – village banking (mini MIS, wallet linkage) • Articulate customer journey, develop marketing and communication plan, develop implementation activities with Kazang, Zoona and 543, set KPIs, • Develop rural implementation roadmap • Update rural business case.