Resident Technical Advisor at Untu, agro focus

2014-10-31 - 2015-11-30

Untu Microfinance Holdings (Untu) is a company with microfinance operations in Zimbabwe. It focuses on providing loans, insurance and other financial products to microenterprises and SMEs via a nationwide branch network. In light of its decision to strategically refocus and transform into a deposit taking microfinance institution, Untu’s management seeks to fortify its credit and risk management systems, further develop its internal audit capacity, and strengthen the management team. Untu has contracted LFS to provide technical assistance to achieve these goals. In addition, the consultant will design a new agricultural lending product and an implementation plan to guide it’s roll-out. Working together, the final objective is to make the institution growth-ready, with highly efficient and effective credit, risk management and audit systems in place, and management staff well trained to support the expected rapid growth both on branch and head office level.
The Consultant team consists of a Project Manager/MSME Finance Expert, a Rural Finance Expert, and a Resident Technial Advisor, who work on and off-site over the period of one year, to achieve the outlined objectives. Their activities include: Analyse the country’s rural finance sector and the FI’s existing agro lending product, and design a new lending product and its corresponding implementation plan Review the Credit and Risk Management Systems of the institution with a view of making recommendations for strengthening. The Resident Advisor works with management to implement the said recommendations. Work with Senior Management and coach and mentor them during the process of navigating anticipated growth. Provide on-the-job coaching in line with technical support plans. Facilitate an exposure visit to a best practice MFI, namely AB Bank Zambia. Train operations staff (namely the Regional Managers and Branch Managers), with a view of identifying and coaching a suitable candidate to head the Operations Team. Deliverables include: Appraisal report with recommendations Activity plan and technical support plan, detailed by department Adjusted policies, procedures, tools, and templates (Credit, HR, IA/Risk, etc.) (Micro) Credit Training Manual and Materials Monthly progress reports, & final report with recommendations or next steps or outstanding issues