AccessBank Zambia (ABZ) Development and Implementation of SME Lending Activities

2012-12-31 - 2013-05-31

In January 2013 ABZ started establishing its SME Department and the related Operations and Financial Products. The setting up of SME Lending Activities will allow ABZ to serve a new target group and to increase its credit portfolio contributing thus towards the profitability of the institution and to diversify risk. The implementation of the SME lending activities is under the hands-on supervision by a team of both ABZ and LFS Consultants, which stimulates the transfer of SME related knowledge among the AccessHolding Network of banks.
Project preparation: Chief Executive Officer & CCO, and SME Finance Manager: Prepare the SME Lending Strategy and SME Budget, Define the target group and SME Products Outline the SME Department Structure and reporting lines. CCO, SME Finance Manager and Head of SME Prepare job description for the SME Department’s staffs and the related salary structure and bonus system Conduct a market study to assess the demand and competitors in the SME Segment. To develop SME Polices, Procedures and Forms, and Risk Management Tools To draft contracts for SME clients with the help of the Legal Department. Check MIS compliance with SME Products and Processes Project implementation: Recruitment of SME staff Classroom training and on the job training of the newly recruited staff Design and implementation of a Marketing Strategy and Draft of SME Marketing Materials Conduct MIS data mining for identifying potential SME clients from the Micro Portfolio of clients Design of Zoning Policy Review, testing, and fine tuning of SME Polices, Procedures, Forms, and Risk Management Tools Review, testing, and fine tuning of SME Products Development of a Loan Tracking and Monitoring Tool Review and streamline of reporting structures within the SME Department as well as the interactions with other Departments Raising awareness about the SME Department and its Products within ABZ Conduction of Credit Committees