Guideline for MFIs on How to Introduce Alternative Channels in WAEMU

2017-06-30 - 2017-06-30
Western Africa (WAEMU)

After various support missions in the region, CGAP was intended to produce a guide on branchless banking and digital financial solutions for MFIs. A final internal review of the content of the document highlighted a need to better articulate the strategic branchless banking options offered to MFIs and better highlight the internal operational challenges in introducing alternative delivery channels. This project was therefore to support CGAP’s staff in refining and finalizing this guide before its publication.
Description of Actual Services Provided by LFS Staff within the Assignment: Review of the last draft from CGAP Identification of main shortcomings and gaps on all levels: “Definition of the strategy and strategic options”, “Choice of technological solutions”, “Plan for implementation”, “Change management” and “Success stories”. Proposal of alternative key messages Re-drafting of the above sections and full executive summary Final recommendations on various key edits to ensure that the handbook becomes a practical tool for implementing alternative delivery channels in Western Africa Main outcomes for the client Publication of the report on the way