Knowledge Management Tool for the East African Development Bank (EADB)

2016-06-30 - 2016-12-31
Uganda, Kenya

Together with Threshold Software Solutions, LFS developed and implemented a knowledge management tool, which is fully customized to the needs of EADB, reflecting all the banks’ credit workflows, assessment details, decision making processes and monitoring processes. The tool entails the full workflow and decision management process for SME loans and is combined with best practice Risk Management Capacities. The tool also includes modules for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Collateral/Covenant Management, ESMS tracking, Risk Management Analytics and Risk Advisory.
The project started with a detailed review of all credit related workflows in the bank. This included the business analysis of: workflows of new and repeat SME loans, collateral management, monitoring, portfolio management, ESMS assessment, etc. Based on the workflows and agreed processes, the developers of Threshold developed the tool Meanwhile, in order to assure that also old transactions (outstanding loans) are also reflected in the tool, we collected all necessary and available information on the loans and input the information in the database of the tool An interface to the CBS was developed so that payment plans and payments can also be tracked in the tool. After internal testing and fine-tuning of the tool, we undertook trainings to the end users in Kampala and Nairobi and to the IT team in Kampala. Furthermore, additional webinars were undertaken to smaller groups for specific topics. After a thorough period of user acceptance testing, the tool went live in all four offices of EADB in February 2017.