Development and Implementation of Agrifinance Strategy for a leading MFI

2018-05-31 - 2020-12-31

Enda Inter-Arabe was founded in 1990 by Essma Ben Hamida and Michael Cracknell and has specialized in providing financial and non-financial services to Tunisian micro entrepreneurs since 2000. In January 2016, Enda Inter-Arabe began operating through a for-profit subsidiary company named Enda Tamweel. Enda Tamweel (“Enda”) is now responsible to provide financial services, while the NGO provides business development and other non-financial services. Enda is increasingly focusing on tapping underserved customers in remote areas in Tunisia, where few other banks have been operating; the emphasis has thus been on clients active in agriculture, and the partner institution’s lending in rural areas is expected to reach 50% of Gross Loan Portfolio by 2020 (compared to approx. 33% before the start of the project). Enda´s development plan encompasses opening new branches and investment in branchless banking – equipping its loan officers with tablet computers to perform an on-site analysis of clients – which will ultimately enhance efficiency. LFS has been contracted since a coordinated strategy is needed across the institution. The current project supports both institutions, assisting Enda Tamweel to reach its targets and goals for serving agricultural MSE borrowers (through new/improved products, services, processes and structures) with a focus on young and female borrowers as well as start-ups, while aiding Enda Inter-Arabe to identify how it can support the financing through the provision of non-financial services. The project is composed by four components: (i) Diagnostic analysis of internal capacities and external agricultural market developments; (ii) Development of strategy and work plan at regional and national level, (iii) Implementation of strategic activities and, (iv) staff training.
The four above-mentioned components included the following actual activities: Market Research and Examination of client´s current and future position Development of a long-term strategy for Enda Necessary first steps for the implementation of the new strategy Training needs assessment, preparation of training curriculum and preparation of training material Alignment of agricultural strategy with the digitization strategy being developed concurrently by another consultant. Conduction of Training, including field visits