Financing models for solar energy in Tunisia

2014-07-31 - 2014-10-31

The overall purpose of the mission was to diagnose the status quo of solar energy financing for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Tunisia and to offer potential solutions. It identified needs for further capacity building in the Tunisian banking sector, and elaborated recommendations for further GIZ interventions. The mission had the following objectives conduct an analysis on the supply and the demand side for solar energy finance by focusing on a reasonable number of Tunisian banks and their clients (residential, commercial and industrial); analyze the role of other institutions involved (project developers, energy service & technology providers, meso level intermediates, consulting, international cooperation, potential investors) identify adequate financing products for the promotion of solar energy in Tunisia evaluate the current state of technical/financial related knowledge in the field of solar energy financing within the Tunisian banking sector analyze typical risks (perceived & existing) related to solar energy finance
During a 10-day on-site mission, the consultants conducted interviews with: different departments from Tunisian partner banks, to determine the appropriateness of the product range banks are offering and evaluate internal processes and procedures to address new due diligence questions coming up when dealing with solar energy investments; residential, commercial and industrial clients in order to analyze the demand for solar energy finance; consultants/companies/intermediates providing (independent) energy consulting services; donor agencies providing financial and technical assistance for solar energy in order to identify synergies (e.g., KfW, EBRD, UNDP); The team then elaborated a short report and excel tool on the interview findings from each of the participating banks, as well as a a general report on the status quo of solar energy financing in Tunisia and recommendations on how to develop the market. The project concluded with a debriefing workshop attended by the different stakeholders of the sector, where the team presented findings of the mission, and the actors (banks, PV suppliers, gov ministries, etc.) discussed and agreed upon several short-term next steps to promote solar energy finance in Tunisia. The final report, which was also released to these actors, also contained longer-term recommendations on how to achieve this goal.