FinScope Tanzania: Business Owners Niche Report

2019-03-31 - 2019-09-30

The FinScope is a nationally representative survey that provides an overview of the financial behaviour of Tanzanian adults and gives insights into the extent of uptake and usage of financial services in the country. FSDT sourced LFS and Niras Tanzania to analyse the data of the FinScope 2017 and previous FinScope surveys, identify data gaps on the financial inclusion and financial behaviour of SMEs in Tanzania and collect additional data to fill these gaps. The data was collected by triangulating quantitative and qualitative research methods: A quantitative phone survey, in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions with business owners all over the country were deployed to collect information on the demand for financial services. Additionally, the project team conducted key informant interviews with financial sector stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the supply side and of regulatory aspects.
Analysis of the FinScope Tanzania 2017, 2013, 2009 and 2006 data on Business Owners and identification of data gaps; Primary data collection to close previously identified gaps: development of research tools (questionnaire for a quantitative phone survey, key informant interview guidelines and guidelines for focus group discussions); conduction of key informant interviews; support of mobile phone survey with 1,300 business owners; analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. Identification of opportunities to drive uptake and usage of formal financial services among business owners Drafting on an actionable report