AccessBank Tanzania - Mobile wallet platform for payments, account management and digital loans

2016-12-31 - 2018-04-30

Development, design, testing, training and integration of the own wallet with automated credit functionalities.
Defining the detailed business requirements for the digital account with self-registration and merchant payment functionalities Segmenting customer profiles and product features per consumers, merchants and agents Development of products and product features. Feature design for the app, in order to cover full loan cycle (from initial application to full disbursement) Development of testing approach and test cases for subsequent in-house development. Advise on systems and solutions architecture. Advise in security aspects (encryption, DMZ, two factor authentication). Vendor and solution selection for wallet, credit engine, scoring engine and alike. Integration of provided solution into core banking system. Training of loan officers and staff. Enhancement of risk management approach marketing/ sales approach. Support in call center set up.