Strengthening the digital capacity of MFI staff

2018-05-31 - 2018-10-31
Germany, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Zambia

AccessFoundation provides foundational knowledge to middle managers of the AccessBank network and ensures increased standardization of competencies across the network. This blended program is designed to help middle managers to identify and map digital opportunities for their Banks. Participants will learn to assess the digital readiness of their Bank and what needs to be considered before introducing a digital product or service. With this knowledge, middle managers will understand why digital finance is the future of microfinance and will be in a better position to support the digital agenda of their Bank.
Description of Actual Services Provided within the Assignment: Develop an interactive E-Learning course to provide foundational DFS knowledge to MFI staff. Prepare a DFS classroom curriculum, facilitators guides, learning handbooks and power point presentations. Customization of material for local markets. Conduct in-person training of trainers to selected DFS champions in the MFIs. Coach the DFS champions on effective strategies for engaging their colleagues and delivering the DFS curriculum.