LFS Management Mentoring Program

2013-03-31 - 2014-06-30
Germany, Azerbaijan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Tajikistan, Zambia

Senior management of LFS manages AccessBanks work in highly challenging environments, exacerbated by the young age of the banks. As a consequence, managers in these banks are often immersed in a considerable amount of (operational) activities limiting their time for strategic reflections, let alone reflections on their own “management style”. The aim of LFS’ Management Mentoring Program is to provide a space for managers to reflect current challenges and issues and help them formulate their thoughts and strategy. The Management Teams in the banks are mentored on an individual basis by an experienced expert that has assumed management CEO position himself. This will help to increase their sensitivity for their own work as well as to identify channels in order to improve their performance. Based on their long-term professional experience in top management positions of AccessBanks, the mentor is able to accompany mentees in confronting operational and individual challenges. The mentoring program reaches beyond the extent of pure coaching sessions, where the personal development of coaches stands at the center of the program. In LFS’ program, development and capacity building is ensured both on a personal/psychological and at the same time on a technical, content-related level.
Mentoring sessions for network banks’ CEOs, which include: Individualized analysis of main current challenges faced by participants, Accompaniment in the formulation of personal targets and action plans, Follow up conversations on main issues faced by participants between each mentoring session.