Support to Asian Pacific Bank in SME Lending and Risk Management

2011-10-31 - 2012-07-31
Russian Federation

In October 2011, LFS was contracted by Asian Pacific Bank (APB) to assist the institution in strengthening its capacity to assess and monitor the risk related to lending to SMEs in line with best international practice and taking into account the Russian environment. The project is financed by EBRD, which is considering to extend a senior loan to APB for on-lending to SMEs to Asian Pacific Bank.
Assessment of existing SME lending operations, policies and procedures; Analysis of SME risk management structures, processes and tools; Development of recommendations for upgrading SME lending and risk management; Development of an action plan for the implementation of the proposed changes; Assistance to APB in upgrading SME lending products, policies and procedures; Assistance in upgrading risk management practices and tools; Assistance in marketing and product development; Development of training materials for training on SME lending, risk management, and training methodologies and tools; Training of trainers in APB who will train SME lending staff in the updated SME and risk management procedures and tools Assessment Report and Final Project Report.