COFIDE-Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Santo Cristo de Bagazán: Medida Complementaria al Programa de Crédito Rural

2018-06-30 - 2019-04-30

The objective of the project is to strengthen the institution ability to evaluate credit risk in the rural sector, and to apply methods of risk mitigation specifically adapted to rural MSME lending in Peru. The project addresses all aspects of rural lending, including the development of new financial products/adaptation of existing products. The project contemplates five phases: (1) Preparatory Phase, including desktop market research and kick-off workshop, (2) Strategy and Rural Model Business Plan, (3) Qualitative research of pilot branch, (4) Design of products, methodology and processes for rural product; (4) Human resources and capacity building activities, and (5) Pilot phase and launching of new product.
Under (1) Preparatory Phase, LFS will research the current market conditions and current level of penetration of the rural branches. Three pilot branches were selected jointly with the institution through a SWOT Analysis. In the Kick-off workshop a work plan for the implementation of the TA was agreed with the Cooperative.