COFIDE: (Paquete A) Medida Complementaria al Programa “Crédito Rural

2016-08-31 - 2020-01-31

The objective of the advisory services to COFIDE was to create sustainable access for Micro and Small Rural Enterprises through selected financial intermediaries by the creation of loan products specially adapted to their needs. With the subsidized technical assistance, COFIDE facilitates advisory services with the result of strengthened financial institutions in the areas of credit risk assessment in the rural sector and capabilities to apply appropriate risk mitigation measures for lending to micro and small rural enterprises. The criteria to achieve this objective within the framework of the program were defined as: 1. Staff participating in the program will be able to assess specific credit risks for rural areas, mitigate them and grant credit efficiently. 2. Business units specifically aimed at rural areas created or strengthened in the financial institution participants. 3. The FI participants of the program have their own capacity to train specialized personnel in rural lending. 4. The FI participants implemented and / or adapted in a sustainable and successful manner loan product specifically aimed at medium and long-term financing for Micro and Small Rural Enterprises / or agricultural enterprises.
Advised COFIDE in the identification of 4 partner financial institutions. Within each FI, responded to a specific Terms of Reference for advisory services based on the COFIDE Project outline. In each implanted full assessment, including rural and agricultural lending strategy review. Completed all steps to develop new, competitive and effective loan products targeting the activities which included: 1. Market research for the purposes of product definition 2. Costing analysis, budgeting, break even projections for new products 3. Selection, training, on the job support for teams of loan officers in each partner FI 4. Pilot design and implementation in the partner FIs. 5. Results evaluation of pilots with planning for roll-out and expansion of new products. 6. Full documentation of all activities including development of policies, procedures, loan officer tools for new products. 7. In required cases, advisory services on digital transformation as related to the lending activities of the program.