Palestine Reinforcing SME Lending, MFI, Palestinian Territories (“Palestine”)

2017-02-28 - 2017-09-30

LFS was commissioned to support FATEN in enhancing its SME offer. The project was conducted in two phases. LFS first conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of FATEN’s SME strategy, product offer, policies, procedures, practices and staff capacities. Based on this review, LFS provided the institution with an analysis of the quality of its current SME operations, highlighted existing gaps and recommend measures for improvement.
Kick-off Meeting with FATEN’s management to commence the on-site mission;  Workshop with the MFI’s management presenting findings and recommendations for the way forward;  Detailed assessment report on the MFI’s existing SME strategy, implementation plan, tools, policies, and procedures, product offer, and staff capacities, including an analysis of the MFI’s SME credit risk management approach and processes and an SME portfolio analysis;  Clarification of roles and tasks for personnel involved in the SME lending process;   Training material for relevant SME staff in Arabic or English language;  Implementation of training sessions and coaching provided to relevant SME staff, as per agreement with institution;  Implementation of coaching provided to the MFI’s SME Manager and other Senior SME staff;  Monthly reports on project progress;  Final report analysing the project, addressing further measures to be taken by the institution, providing final recommendations, and including photographs taken during the project.