Digital Finance Strategy for a leading Commercial Bank

2018-05-31 - 2018-05-31

The Client hired LFS to conduct a high-level assessment of the current Digital Finance Strategy of the Bank and to prepare recommendations for next steps.
Description of Actual Services Provided within the Assignment: Institutional Assessment of the Client (SWOT Analysis). Review of state of preparedness for Digital Finance. Option preparation and recommendation for two different entry routes into digital finance: Implementation of wallet (own or in co-operation with a Telco) as a client acquisition tool in the retail market; or Digital mobile account with P2B and P2B functionalities, credit functionalities and cash, balance and cash handling functionalities for SME clients of the bank, client retention and acquisition. Development of a high-level design for the transactional account. Development of scope and budget for a respective feasibility study Main outcomes for the client: Feasibility study for a transactional account solution