Product Assessment for FSP Partner (FATEN) in Palestine

2018-08-31 - 2018-11-30

LFS was commissioned to: a) to analyse the housing microfinance loan product versus clients’ needs and demands, b) evaluate the success of the loan product against the institutions targets and expectations, and c) to provide recommendations for improvement of the housing loan product.
Review of the existing housing loan product features, policies, procedures, and processes; Identification of clients’ housing needs, demands and preferences regarding financing and support services; Segmentation and profiling of the population using the housing loan product; Identification of the main use of the housing product and collection of evidence about the outcomes of home repairs; Collect information about other housing finance products available in the market form comparison purposes; Evaluate and analyse the results of the housing loan portfolio. FATEN used the results of the assessment to strengthen its existing product offer and fine-tune the approach to client acquisition and product parameters.