Pre-Feasibility Study for founding a Microfinance Institution in Myanmar

2013-01-31 - 2013-04-30

The purpose of the project was to prepare the ground for a detailed feasibility study for founding a commercial MSE finance institution in Myanmar. The project consisted of three phases: i.) the review of existing general and economic data of the country in general and of its financial, banking and microfinance sector in specific; and ii.) the preparation of a feasibility study, including the development of terms of reference, establishing contacts with relevant stakeholders in the sector, including the Central Bank, the microfinance supervisory body in Myanmar, commercial banks and microfinance institutions, and international and national development and development finance organisations; and iii.) preparing the ground work (including a market survey, contracting market research agency, organisation of a project team etc.). Each phase concluded with a country mission to Myanmar. Among others, LFS also participated in the National Microfinance Conference, held in NPD in May. Our information was compiled and analysed in a pre-feasibility study, which was made available to the board of AccessHolding and to other potential shareholders and stakeholders.
Preparation of a country and financial sector study on Myanmar (desk study); Review of existing and research on future legal and regulatory documents regarding the MSME sector and the MSME finance sector (microfinance regulation and instructions, financial institutions law, SME law etc.); Analysis of available data and surveys on the Myanmar microfinance sector; Preparation of own feasibility study, including development of and an agreement on own Terms of Reference and budget as well as the development of a sub-project on primary market research of the MSE sector. Developed stakeholder contacts and conducted respective meetings in Yangon and Myanmar in March and May 2013, among others with GIZ, World Bank/ IFC, ADB, UNDP, LIFT, Central Bank of Myanmar/ Yangon Branch, commercial banks, microfinance institutions, chamber of commerce, MMSE supervision enterprise. Presentation of pre-feasibility assignment and of our conclusions to the board of AccessHolding on two occasions.