Market Research for the FSP Partner (Microinvest) in Moldova

2018-09-30 - 2018-11-30

The purpose of this assessment was: To do in-depth analysis of the demand for housing microfinance products and housing support services in the operational geographies of the MFI partner. LFS compiled a report on the results of the tasks depicted below which prepared the second phase of the project for Microinvest.
On demand side Objective 1. To understand ‘affordable housing’ market in Moldova with focus on: Housing stocks, conditions, ownership, maintenance and management, Infrastructure (water, sanitation and electricity) quality and accessibility, Legislation and programs subsidies; Objective 2. To understand low-income households’ housing investments and dominant funding strategies of housing investments: To identify main purposes and the outcomes of those investments; To understand challenges faced by low-income households in regards to housing; To explore what influences households’ decisions to invest in home improvement /purchasing and to understand those factors; To identify the information channels that influence the decision to invest; To understand their preferences related to different funding strategy of investments; To correlate socio-economic and demographic characteristics of households with the different funding strategy of housing investments. Assess the finance needs, preferences, and capacities of the target population (low-income households in operating area of FSP partner). On supply side Objective 3. To collect data about financial products and services and governmental or NGOs programs available in the market that aims to improve housing conditions: To map the features of housing related financial services offered by financial service providers in Moldova; To collect information about governmental programs available in the market place that promote housing improvement /purchasing and/or energy efficiency and their outcomes; Objective 4. To conduct the FSP partner’s financial services & product mapping and compare with demand; Objective 5. To assess retailers/vendors segment based on following parameters: Identify retailers/vendors focused on construction materials, home appliances/equipment, Identify their delivery channels and additional services they provide to costumers such as tips/advices about material quality or new materials and/or trends in construction, etc. their strategy of crediting households in particular ‘instalment buying’ of construction materials and appliances; opportunities for cooperation/partnerships with FSPs and their preferences; Their willingness to provide additional information or education to FSP clients.